Open Letter To Modi Government By A Common Man Which Makes Sense

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Dear Government,

How have you been? Because if you tend to ask us the same, you probably have an idea of how the citizens of the country are doing. Apart from figuring out the working ATMs around, standing in queues is becoming a habit and realizing that I’ll have to restrict myself to take out my own money even in case of an emergency in the world’s biggest democracy, life is going just smooth!!

Demonization aka, the much talked about surgical strike on Corruption was a step that left everyone appalled & well, it was meant to. The step was too big to be thought of, too big to be digested and certainly too big for everyone to figure out the ‘What’s Next’ part. Turns out, it was not just us- the common people who had to figure out the things to be done next but the government itself had to struggle with the steps to be taken for it to be carried out right.

It is now that each of us is realizing that it was too big to be implemented well. I fail to understand what could have been the potential harms if only you had introduced such an important reform with little preparations.

‘None is questioning the intention here but the impact has ruled out our optimism for sure!’

The whole fiasco was meant to fight the corrupt men out there but has it fully done that? To what I was able to notice around, I’ve even seen people crying over the helplessness and yes, that matters!

I remember the picture after the next few days of the announcement. ATMs became the biggest topic of discussion. Every day, while going office, all I could see was the huge queues of people waiting for their turns to take their own money. The next week followed the same trend. We are now at the end of the 50 day trailer of this much talked about blockbuster introduced by Prime Minister Modi and it is probably too difficult for Bhakts to accept but it is not the cure we wanted. All of us know deep down that the failed execution of demonetization has cost us way more than what we signed up for!!

We faced more than 100 people losing their lives who were waiting in the ATM queues, frustration of the middle class when they had to delay all their basic needs along with the helplessness of the poor who were left clueless for what to do without any bank account, in most cases.

We’re talking about lives here. People died Mr. Modi and it was a big deal. Your supporters apparently called it nothing when compared to the sacrifices of losing lives by soldiers. I am not sure of why such reactions came in and the way, they were put through, that ended up worsening the situation all the way more.

It sounded great when the announcement came in, but it was the root level that had to bear the results. A woman apparently had to deliver her baby in a Bank, while she was waiting in the ATM Queue.  I wonder, what could be the possible reason which must have pushed the woman to be in an ATM queue in such a critical condition, right! Her mistake, totally!!

When argued about the endless queues, it was again compared with the soldiers standing for us on borders. Oh yes, they do that and all the respect of the world to them but does any such comparison really stand here?  


Dear Government,

No wonder, your decision of combatting the black money issues was applauded by many! I mean, at least my FB feeds were full of it. I really can’t blame them as they were expecting a plan from you. A plan that could be implemented in the right order. What we saw was an experimental set up which included 60+ law reforms in last 50 days. How could you really took your own nation for granted to offer it an experimental set-up? Our economy is on a road to a massive downgrade, if not handled up properly.  

I wonder, did you really give a thought to the daily wage workers who were paid in cash otherwise? Well, they ended up being the most exploited class. May be, you had your consideration to the fact that Bank officials themselves could fall for corruption and can take down the cash or just the question on the transparency on funding of the Political parties. Turns out, you really had not considered anything that was concerned to the ground reality of a common man.

Even if we keep the concerns of the so called common man aside, did it ever crossed your mind that how will the foreign travelers be able to combat the situation here, when your own countrymen were struggling through it? Tourism brings in a huge capital to the country and the way the exchange of money was handled, the foreign tourists were left baffled in utter confusions! I was reading certain reports the other day and sir, being the citizen of this country, I was somewhat embarrassed to know that some people ended up working just to get the Indian currency. Of course, later they were asked to contact the foreign embassy but that becomes a hassle when you run short of money. Right, small stuff!

Do you realize that a number of weddings were called off, thanks to your new rule book? Or maybe the fact that despite your ‘every-hour new rule’ changing process, the officials might not be very supportive of people? Did it ever crossed your mind that maybe the short-term problems quoted by you with long term results can turn it the other way round? Well, to your surprise Modi Ji, it has actually turned out the other way round. Everything has! People are stuck with some long-term issues with no sight of positive results any soon!

Of course, the government then turned the trivia to become a cashless economy later on but then, there are many out there to whom the concepts of Plastic Money, PayTm & Mobile Banking are still just fancy terms.

I live in one of the metro cities and trust me, I’m still stuck in the process of figuring things out. When this is a scenario here, the thought of how it must be functioning in the semi-urban areas and the villages; ends up freaking me out and dwell into the thoughts of what had they done to deserve the scenario they’re living in!

We Deserved Better Modi Ji. You had our support throughout but who really gave you the right to destroy it for all for us. All it needed was a thoroughly planned structure. Did we asked for much?

Now that the fancy 50-day game is over, you tell us the punishment you had asked for. We wonder if any of that is going to count enough!

Yours Truly,

A Let-Down Indian!

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