Dont Convert This Into Game By Becoming Blind Follower of Some Political Party – Open Letter To All Regarding Anti National Issues at JNU

It has been almost a week since we have been listening to and reading about J.N.U stuff. We have come across different people having different opinions. Before sharing my point of view, I want to make clear that I am not here to support any political party. I am here to support my India.

A group of students from a university of India come on roads shouting against the government because they belong to a student party which is not funded by the latter. Yes, the freedom of speech and expression gives them the right to speak against the party, government, prime minister or any other official, but the same constitution also binds them to the duty towards their nation – to work for unity and integrity of their homeland. No constitution gives its citizens, the right to ask for a separate country being made or any other anti-national activities.

The interference of political leaders and political parties by targeting each other is a lame concept. In a way or other, the basic idea behind formation of each political group is to work for the country. So why are we divided. More than the issue of youth going against the nation, it has become a question of ego of political leaders. While one party is hell bent on getting the offenders punished, the other is ready to use all it’s powers against it. The question that arises is ‘What about the wrong that has happened? And who is actually behind this? Are we as Indians liable to be affected by it & to what extent? What if there are more such people in other parts of country too planning to have their individual rights?’ If the answer is Yes, it is our dignity at stake.

For once lets not consider it a political issue but a national issue. We Indians are already divided on many basis – religion, castes, languages classify us. But let us not get divided on political basis also. The concept of political parties was to promote democracy. We, the common man has right to listen to all and then choose whom we want to represent us. Let us not convert into a game by becoming blind followers of some group. For if we do this, we are not fulfilling our responsibility towards our mother land. Let us be an Indian first and think how we have reached the position where we stand in the world today. We can not afford to waste the sacrifice of many Indians. Think about your nation and decide, not to go with a political party but with India….kyuki hum badlenge tabhi to badlega India.

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