Now Guys Should Be Careful Travelling Alone , Gang Of Lady Robbers Are Reported


There are many cases of men harrassing women, but it’s totally opposite in Bengaluru. Bengaluru boys need to be very careful, especially while travelling alone. There are so many reports regarding prowling around Indiranagar are in Bengaluru, their main aim is to blackmail men extort their money. They threaten men in the name of molestation case and extort their money. Those who don’t want to get trapped in such cases have no other option but to fulfill their demands.

It is an incident if Gowda, a businessman who fell in the trap of this gang, he was travelling to Indiranagar 12th Main, this was after he dropped his friends Domlur and JB Nagar, while coming back from a wedding.

At the signal, when his car stopped, a woman came and gave him a smile and some dirty gestures. He got a bit uncomfortable and had no clue what is happening. As soon as he realised what is wrong, another woman came and forcefully got into the car.

He got very frustrated with the woman and asked her to immediately get out. Instead of getting out, she forcefully hugged him and asked for a kiss. Gowda warned her and told her that he will call the police, next to she got down at 5th Main. After getting back home, Godwa realised that his 50gm gold chain was missing. She had smartly robbed him. This incident took place around 12:20 am and the entire thing happened in just two minutes.

When his came to trace the woman at the junction, she had already vanished.
Gowda lodged a complaint in the Indiranagar police station, he realised he is not alone, who got harassed; there were many cases reported in last few days. Police checked CCTV footage of nearby pubs and restaurants, but those women couldn’t be traced.

Gowda was so shocked to know that his friend had a same experience in Ulsoor. A woman forcefully entered his friend’s car and blackmailed to scream if he didn’t give his wallet. As he started giving money, she snatched all the money and his phone and ran away.

Police officials say,“We have received a few complaints of men falling victims to such gangs. The victims are targeted at night. We suspect there could more such cases than the complaints as the victims may have refrained from complaining due to social stigma.”

He added,“We are keeping a close watch on women found moving suspiciously at night. Women police personnel have been instructed to keep an eye out for them.”

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