A Minor Girl From Bangladesh Raped By 21 Men In India

A 14-year-old minor girl from Bangladesh was allegedly gang-raped in between Ahmedabad and Mangrol town of Junagadh. Mangrol police are searching on the basis of the victim’s complaint on Saturday. The news of the rape got light on this Thursday afternoon when the girl was found crying at the bus terminal of Mangrol.

A Minor Girl from Bangladesh Became Victim of Rape

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When people tried to speak with her she could not communicate because of the language barrier. She was only speaking the Bengali language as she was from Bangladesh and nobody could understand what she was saying.

She was then taken to the police station and eventually then she told the cops that she was from Bangladesh and sold to someone in India. She had reached Mangrol via Ahmedabad.

As per reports, she also alleged that she is the victim of gang-raped by 7 persons in Ahmedabad and 14 in Mangrol in the past one week. She further said that she was sold by one of her relatives to an agent named Sai in Bonga village of West Bengal. She was then taken to a woman’s shelter home in Junagadh where she described the entire story with the help of an interpreter. The matter is right now under the Police investigation.

Child abuse and minor rape incidents are now becoming very common in our nation. This is a kind of syndrome which is should be condemned heavily and every possible legal action should be taken against it. People are very angry due to the rising crimes against women.

Article Source: Times Of India

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