Mc Donald’s Delivery Boy Asked The Woman To Have Sex When She Cancelled The Order

In a shocking incident, a food delivery boy was arrested for allegedly sexually harassing a woman who refused to pay for her food delivery in Bengaluru.

A girl ordered food from a famous giant chain McDonalds through Foodpanda, an online ordering platform at 10 PM on Friday. When the delivery boy came to drop off the food, she refused to pay him, so he left the parcel and left.


Approximately half and hour later, he started calling and asking her sexual favours. She asked him to not call her again lest she’ll inform the police. But soon, more calls started coming from various numbers. He started asking her how much she charges per night. He also sent her number to WhatsApp groups claiming she’s an escort.

The police collected all the numbers she received calls from, and came to a conclusion that a guy named Shreyans has been harassing the woman. When they confronted him, he confessed to the crime.

“A team is working on the case, we have got the details on almost all the callers and we will arrest them shortly,” police claimed. They also said that Shreyans wanted to teach her a lesson for refusing to pay, hence, he sexually threatened her.

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