Man Thrashed To Death By Gau Rakshaks In Rajasthan


Though, a cow is a sacred animal for Hindus, but human being deserves their importance too. It is long that the state government should take the matter of self-proclaimed cow vigilantes seriously and bring an end to their unlawful activities.

A 55 year old man, Pehlu Khan from Haryana, on Monday night took his last breath after losing his fight to death for 2 days. Pehlu, and other four were thrashed by the gau rakshaks even when they showed their documents that they had purchased the cows and are not transporting them.


SHO, Behror police station, Ramesh Chand Sinsinwar, said,“Gau Rakshaks affiliated with the Vishwa Hindu Parishad and Bajrang Dal stopped four vehicles, near Jaguwas crossing on National Highway 8, on Saturday evening, alleging that they were illegally transporting bovines. These vehicles were coming from Jaipur, and were headed towards Nuh district in Haryana.”

As per the reports the cow vigilantes allowed one of the drivers, Arjun, to escape. Ramesh Chand added,“Five of the victims had to be hospitalized. Of these, Pehlu Khan died at a hospital in Alwar on Monday night. A post-mortem was conducted and his body was handed over to his relatives today.”


So many videos have gone viral on the internet, which are of the same incident, but the police has not made any single arrest till now.

Azmat, another victim who was in the same pickup truck with Pehlu said,“We were returning from a Saturday fair in Jaipur. I had bought two milk cows for Rs 75,000, and I had all the valid documents with me. We were not even trying to hide the cows, as we were taking them in a pick-up truck. At around 6 pm on Saturday, the gau rakshaks stopped our vehicle and asked us our names. They allowed our driver, Arjun, to leave. I told them I had all the documents but they pulled us out of the vehicle and beat us up. They took away Rs 35,000 from me. I later lost consciousness and woke up in a hospital at around 1 am on Sunday.”

Hussain Khan, Pehlu’s uncle said, “Before he died, Pehlu told us that they beat him up and then told him to run, saying ‘tu buddha aadmi h, bhaag’ (you’re an old man, run away)… But they chased him and beat him up again.”

Here is the video:


On Tuesday, Azmat and other three, Rafiq, Irshad and Aarif returned to Nuh. They have made allegations against the staff and management of Kailash Hospital that they didn’t receive proper care in the hospital. Yusuf, Azmat’s brother, said, “Everyone at the hospital was looking down at us… Pehlu died because he didn’t receive proper care.”

Mohammad Arshad, Azmat’s brother said,“I reached the hospital on Saturday night but they didn’t allow me to see my brother. I just wanted to know if he was dead or alive. They only granted permission on Sunday morning. We asked the district administration to shift them to another hospital but they did not agree.”

The director of Kailash Hospital, Shyam Sunder Sharma, has refused to the allegations as he said, “We gave them the best treatment and also gave discount on the fees… Police were posted at the hospital.”

Cases have been registered against the transporters as well under the Rajasthan Bovine Animals (Prohibition of Slaughter & Regulation of Temporary Migration or Export) Act, 1995.




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