Man Who Spent 8 Years In Jail For Murder Case Proved Innocent And Got 1 Lakh Compensation


On 31st March, Hyderabad High Court in an important judgement, released the accused in the Ayesha Murder Case as innocent. He has also been rewarded with Rs 1 lakh as compensation for spending eight years in the jail. The police was reprimanded for putting the accused in jail without any strong evidence against his involvement in the rape and murder case.

Ayesha Meera Murder-rape case

When years before people struggled to demand justice for Jyoti Singh Pandey, another rape case happened in Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh in 2017. It was Ayesha Meera murder-rape case.The 19 year old Ayesha Meera was from Tenali, Guntur, Andhra Pradesh, she waa studying B.Pharmacy at the Nirma Engineering College living in a private hospital and murdered horrendously on 26th December 2007.

Her body was reclaimed from the hostel’s bathroom on 27th December in the early hours. Her body was drenched in blood, and her hands and legs were tied to the tap and an iron rod. Hee dress was torn, she was badly raped. After the examination of the body, it was clear that she was raped and then murdered.

Her relatives and other local representatives aggressively protested outside the hostel questioning the security of hostel.

A love letter written by the murderer was discovered, a left foot print in her room and a handwritten note by Chirutha in Telugu.

Dubiousness of police claims

Police seemed to be quite suspecting about the murderer. They declared Anjaneyulu, as the accused of the case after they mercilessly tortured him in Hyderabad. Later, yhe investigation revealed that he was unfairly blamed by the real accused and police could not give any proof, and he was let off.

After the release if Anjaneyulu, two innocents were arrested but later released on behest of National Human Rights Commission. To balance the issue, another person was framed, Laddu Singh , who is a low profile Rouwdy Sheeter accused many a times of eve teasing. He was let off after various investigations.

Under so much pressure from different sides, the police arrested Satyam Babu, a fatherless poor man from a downtrodden background. The police framed a guy who couldn’t prove his innocence. He cannot even walk on his own or stand. Concerns were poured that how can a handicapped person climb up the stairs and crossed the security and killed the girl mercilessly.

To find out the culprit, a poly graphic test was done om K. Satish, grandson of the Municipal Administration Minister. As per the reports, he had lied to the police on two occasions.

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