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It has been a week that Valentine Day passed-by. I have seen many on social-media making an effort to convey their Love, Dedication and Honesty to their partner. Many cribbed about being single on the day while others posting definition of Love and a few implementing that if Love is in the air, every day is a Valentine Day. Every one of the above is true and right in their thoughts and belief and my respect goes to every one of them. This status is not about preaching or trying to define Valentine Day or Lovers Day for that matter. I am putting this status to tell you about a true love story and introduce you all to a Knight in Shining Armour and His Princess….


By now, you must have seen the photo upload. He is Madhav Das and on the wheelchair is Moonmoon Das. They fell in Love few years ago, both the family have consented to their marriage and everything was hunky-dory for both of them. Madhav is a Govt. Employee and Moonmoon was doing a private job. As with any couple, they had plans for their future, innumerable night calls, laughter, smiles, fights, console, gifts and most importantly Dreams…a lot of dreams..


Then on the unfortunate day, 29th April 2014, Moonmoon while leaving her office took a lift on her friend’s bike and the bike got hit by a Scorpio. The accident was a minor one but Moonmoon fell down hitting her spine. Initially she looked alright just with minor bruises however she was not able to get up and was brought to GNRC, Supermarket for check-up. Doctor found out about her spinal injury and it was a serious one. Madhav and her family was informed about the accident and they immediately rushed to the hospital. They were informed that Moonmoon’s injury was a vital one and her whole body went numb with absolute no mobility whatsoever and is bedridden.


I first met them in GNRC in December and didn’t pay much attention to them thinking them to be just another patient but when I came to know about them, my interest in them grew. I started observing them. It was already 8 months for Moonmoon in the hospital and she was just able to move her ankle after 8 months of physiotherapy, medicine and lots and lots of care from her family and mostly from Madhav. I saw that every evening cheerful Madhav diligently would come and take her around the hospital in wheelchair. Every nurse, warden and doctors, by then, were aware of their love story. So whenever he comes in the evening, the cheerful nurses used to tease and pull Moonmoon’s leg. It was sight which would bring tears of joy, hope and belief in God to anyone’s eyes.


I met them for the second time in February. The good news was by then Moonmoon was able to move her hand, even though disoriented. For the first time I talked to Madhav over a cup of tea. He with a smile on his face told me that he is still not sure if Moonmoon is able to recognise him or is able to feel the love but whatever it is, he won’t quit, com what may. Initially Madhav stayed at hospital lobby for 4 months at a stretch looking after every needs of Moonmoon, day and night. Madhav’s only wish is Moonmoon’s recovery. He left no Mandir, Masjid, Church, Gurudwara unvisited for divine intervention. He goes in search of fresh vegetable to make her soup. Be on the net for hours, researching her conditions, mailing to renowned doctors for a solution and everyone is of the same opinion that it will take another one year for Moonmoon to recover by 10%.

Whenever I look at the photo, I can’t stop myself from appreciating, applauding and respecting them.Madhav and Moonmoon are not married. Looking at the condition of her and knowing very well, that for her to recover a hundred percent would be the rarest of the rare miracle, yet Madhav is fighting for her, looking after her, taking care of her with only one thing in his mind ie HOPE and the hope came from his immense love for her.


It is a testing time for both Madhav and Moonmoon. For Madhav, it’s the choice he made and for Moonmoon, it’s more of emotion. Moonmoon must have gone through thoughts like-“why he doesn’t dump me”, “he deserves better” , “I can never satisfy him in life’- But it is Madhav who is giving a new meaning to loving someone dearly, with patience, perseverance and phlegm. It is he, who is giving her a new life, new hope and a reason to smile whereas he could have easily sneak-off from this relation thinking of his future. But he believed in his hope, his faith….
In today’s world, where knights exist no more, Madhav is her Knight with silver armour and Moonmoon is his beloved Princess…

Madhav is my inspiration to never give up on belief, faith and love.
May God Bless both of them.

Credits : Niloy Shankar Gupta Via- Uzanbazar, famous place



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