A Judge Ordered A Husband To Gift A Saree To Wife To Prevent A Divorce

A compromise, understanding or to give a chance to start a relationship all over again are few things needed to prevent a divorce. This is the basic method we knew all our life.

But far from the traditional methods of reconciliation, a judge in Indore has tried to save a marriage by advising the husband to gift a Saree to his wife.

A divorce petition hearing in the courtroom of Khargone chief judicial magistrate Gangacharan Dubey turned into a moment of comic intimacy when the husband Sanju started praising his wife and displayed a Sari he bought for her in the courtroom, Times of India reported.


The report quoted Sanju as telling his wife: “You are very beautiful and when you wear this, you will look stunning.”

Interestingly, the idea of Saree was given to Sanju by none other than the judge himself. The judge’s suggestion was based on his observation that Sanju’s wife, Ranu had felt lonely and ignored by her husband.

Despite that, Ranu was not impressed after which judge also ordered Sanju to take his wife shopping.

In his observation, the judge Dubey also said that women worked hard all day and all they want is care, attention and appreciation.

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