The Jallads, Indian Hangmen And Their Real Stories

As the old proverb goes, “the hangman’s rope supports the hanged”, the executioner knows no matter how well he ties the noose, he’s no friend to the convict. It is one of the strangest, the most emotionally taxing jobs in the world.

They might tell their wives about their day some what like this, “I hanged a sex offender to death today – put a cloth over his head, pulled the lever, and watched him come to rest like a lifeless pendulum!”?

Let’s find out more about them.


1. They even have to wait for the execution

Nobody teaches you to be a hangman – you must learn the trade of hanging convicts on your own. Take, Pawan Kumar for instance. One of the few officially registered hangmen in the country, the 52 year old is yet to get his hands dirty. However, Kumar knows his phone might ring anytime and he’d have to be ready to send the convict down the abyss. So, he keeps practicing with a bag of sand that weighs as much as a human.

He has been called to play Jallad on several occasions but every time, the execution was cancelled or postponed. This part-time clothes hawker from Meerut, as he says, has been waiting all his life for the moment of hanging his convict. He had mentioned the above mentioned facts about his life on an interview to The Guardian in 2014.

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