ISIS Terrorist Opens Fire At Security Forces In Uttar Pradesh

In a shocking incident, a suspected ISIS terrorist has slipped inside a building, in the most populated locality, Thakurganj area, in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. Currently, the situation is quite tense there and the ATS i.e. Anti-Terror Squad is trying hard to detain him. This unwanted situation has disrupted everything while everyone was preparing for the elections.

The security forces have prepared themselves for the worst presently; sources reported that there was gunfire exchange between both the parties. Fortunately, no one is injured yet. A blast was also reported in Thakurganj this afternoon and now, the Police is trying hard to calm down this intense situation. The only aim is to find why and how did the militant get inside the city.

Authorities have linked that militant to the explosion in Bhopal-Ujjain train which happened in Madhya Pradesh this morning leaving 9 people injured. There is a possibility that the suspect is from Madhya Pradesh.

Terrorist identified as Saifullah was caught on CCTV by Anti-Terror Squad. ADG Daljit Chaudhary says that he had received information about some suspects being present in Thakurganj and Kanpur; one man has been arrested in Kanpur while the other in Thakurganj has refused to surrender.

The suspect is being asked to surrender and if he doesn’t do so, tactical operations will be started, so as to nab him. ATS has well trained commandos and very soon, he will be arrested and interrogated.

Lucknow has been put on high alert. Residents have been moved away and around 20 commandos have been involved in this operation. The operation is still underway.


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