We Indians Are Not Intolerant , We Are Just Dumb Enough….. Open Letter To All Indians

New realities of growing intolerance and insensitivity is taking the worlds second largest democracy by the storm BUT being just another “common” person and an Indian its important to know the difference between intolerance and insensitivity, what we as a nation are becoming and more over to understand political testimony’s and levels of government intrusions in the democratic machinery and its results.

When i decide to understand if my country is really intolerant i come up with a conclusion that gives me one answer without a doubt , we as Indians are not intolerant we are just dumb enough to debate over futile topics and stretch them like an elastic for months together sidelining the actual substance worth debate as a result we waste the potential to voice valuable opinions that could REALLY bring about a change.



Unwillingness to accept views, beliefs, or behavior that differ from one’s own.

BINGO! India is known for its diversity and that’s exactly why there is dialogue and debate but no unwillingness to accept views etc.

Every Indian is free to voice their opinion and where there are millions speaking we ought to have groupism and clashes. 


If not intolerant are we insensitive?


Yes, we can accept and then disagree to various opinions but when it really comes to taking a stand for something majorly wrong that’s happening in the country we prefer to keep our mouths shut (most of us)

A debate on intolerance is going on in the country from the past few months but did we debate so much over various other issues in the country?  Discrimination against Dalit’s and low status caste clashes in India are prevalent since forever now and one of the most recent examples of the same is the Rohit Vemula suicide , this case calls for so much debate not only upon discrimination but about the massive political interference and failures in the education system of the country , The Nirbhaya case – minor rapist was set free WHY? THEY CAN KILL INDIA’S DAUGHTER AND OUR JUDICIARY WILL SET THEM FREE .

As citizens of the country its important to not just focus over celebrity statements and then make huge issues out of it but in the true sense dig out substance, flaws , loop holes to bring about a change that we are capable of.

We can’t misuse the freedom of speech that our constitution offers us. Various social platforms to write and record our personal point of view’s, the RTI , PIL’s and what NOT? BUT simply filing a case every time because you find their statement offensive isn’t the way to use these tools , use them when necessary, these are the swords other than a pen for the mango people and one day i am sure “Badlega India”.


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