Indian Women Share Harrowing Experiences Of Being Molested


Bengaluru’s Mass molestation incident is nothing but a slap of shame on our so called rooted cultural society. For a culture that boasts of women to be goddesses, molesting and groping women is disgusting and not acceptable.

Soon after the spread of the news, some men thought the need of the hour is to defend their own selves, instead of talking about women’s safety, which is an important concern at this point of time. And thus, the pointless hashtag #NotAllMen started trending on Twitter yesterday.

This hashtag diluted the whole point of women’s safety in India. And thus, to counter it, some women started a hashtag called #YesAllWomen in the context that all women have been subjected to eve teasing and molestation of some form in their lives at certain ages.

Ladies over at the social group Feminism In India came out stronger and started sharing their personal stories of being molested and eve teased. These stories are so distressing that denial would seem like the first escape. And it’s terrifying that most of the stories feature child abuse. It’s a high time to face the truth, we have been avoiding since ages.

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