Indian Railway Failed To Give Compensation To A Farmer So Now The Court Gave Him A Train!

Justice being served to our farmers is usually uncommon for our nation. If we follow the news of farmers, no a days it is sad but often we see there are plenty of news which said suicide of the farmers. So suicide practices of farmers in India very common.

Though there is news which suggests that one particular incident of a 45 years old farmer in Ludhiana. This news actually grabbed a lot of eyeballs which has once again raised the question of the security of the farmers in India.

Indian Railway Failed To Give Compensation To A Farmer So Now The Court Gave Him A Train!

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By reading day to affairs of the farmers’ life it also restored people’s faith in Indian Judiciary System literally. Just like how is a Lannister always pays his debts’, like the way now the Indian court has now decided to pay the debts of the direct the Indian Railways.

Now the court thinks to give proper compensation to those farmers whose land was acquired by them. The farmer’s name is Sampuran Singh who comes from Ludhiana. The case goes back to the acquisition of land for the Ludhiana-Chandigarh railway line in 2007.

At this point, the court had ordered the Indian Railway to give him a compensation of Rs 25 Lakhs and later enlarged it to Rs 50 lakhs. Sampuran was entitled to Rs 1.47 crores but the Indian Railway only paid him Rs 42 lakhs. Following this when the farmer sees that he failed to get his promised fulfil he filed the plea for execution of the orders and he also demands his compensations. Earlier in 2015, the court had ordered the Indian Railways to provide a compensation of Rs 1.05 crores to this same farmer.

But since the Indian Railway again failed to provide compensation to the farmer as per the court’s order, the sessions judge Jaspal Verma decided to give the train Swarna Shatabdi Express (12030) to the distressed farmer. The train Swarna Shatabdi Express actually runs between Amritsar and New Delhi.

Maybe the farmer was excited about the train. So he arrived at the station before the train’s arrival. The farmer Sampuran Singh comes along with his advocate Rakesh Gandhi at the early hour of the morning. And when the train arrived at 6:55 pm, the court’s order came in the hands of the train’s driver. The section engineer Pradeep Kumar got the train released on super dark from a court official, which makes the train a property of the court.

Sampuran Singh being a simple man understood the gravity of the situation so he requested official not to stop the train “as that will cause a lot of trouble to the passengers”.

When the divisional railway manager Anuj Parkash was contacted about this news, he said, “There was some issue relating to compensation amount to a farmer which is being sorted out”. He further said that such orders are usually examined by the law ministry. In a sarcastic tone, he also stated further, “What will the petitioner do with the 300-metre train? Can he take it home?”


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