Indian Central Board of Film Certification refused to clear Messenger of God (MSG)

Mumbai ,January 12, 2015 : India’s Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) has refused to clear controversial movie “Messenger of God – MSG” by a controversial Sirsa based godman who is facing criminal charges in CBI courts. The CBFC has objected to the portrayal of the protagonist as ‘the God’ in the film and thus has refused to clear the film.

Most of the board members showed concerns with the lead actor of the film and controversial godman Gurmeet Ram Rahim doing miracles and performing acts to cure diseases in the film.

Messenger of God (MSG)

However, the spokesperson for controversial film MSG has expressed dissatisfaction over the decision of CBFC.

CBFC has stated that the film looks more like an advertisement and though Gurmeet Ram Rahim has not criticized any religion in the film, the film in itself shows quite illogical activities done by the protagonist.

With the initial approval being denied, the film has now been referred to the board’s revising panel, which will watch the film today (January 12).

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