Open Letter to Every HINDUstani : How could he eat a cow? Cow is my mother and if someone kills my mother he has no right to live as well.

I Was One Among The 200 Who Lynched Akhlaq In Dadri And Here’s How It Was Justified

I don’t have much time and patience to elaborately explain everything to justify my actions to you silly fellow Indians acting filthy against me. So I’ll keep it short, straight and blunt.
Firstly, riot is not something new for this or any other country in the world to say. Our 65-66 years of independence has gifted us many unreasonable, nonsensical horrific riots. To mention, Gujarat riots of 1963, relating to cattle and resulting in 500 people dying and 1000 houses burning. Riots of Moradabad (1980) and Muzaffarnagar (2013) are no different. So for heaven’s sake stop sensationalizing this one actually ‘deserved-to-be’ killing or rather punishment and lesson for others I should say.
Grow up, accept and live with it. If certain activity like cow slaughtering is unacceptable/unjust/immoral to the ‘Majority’ group, minority HAS to follow. It is as simple as that. Else, if you refuse to bow to us, consequential actions like capital punishment by US or lynching or anything like that are completely justified. So stop being muggins.
How could he butcher a cow? How could he forget the fact that we live in ‘Hindustan’ that majorally belongs to the Hindus? Ya I know you’ll give me the secularism and all that bullshit about it. But do I really care? I know this and that’s why we had been living in peace with those Muslims for years but you know it only takes a baseless rumor to instigate me and many others like me. Doesn’t matter to me if his’ was a harmless Muslim family living in harmony with their Hindu neighbors since ages. Cow is my mother and if someone kills my mother he has no right to live as well. Though before launching the wrath I was not sure whether he had actually killed any calf nor I had seen him eating beef but who cares. At least we could teach him a ‘lesson’ and set an example for others like him.
Oh and please don’t give me any other worthless crap about how cheap beef is and how it is a source of some essential nutrients for you. For me, and many like me, cheaper is your life. I guess you would now have got my point into your bimbo head.
I am a fearless young man of the FREE India who carries his coffin with him and so should you if your deeds are not favourable to my ‘Morals’.


This article was an intended caustic remark to all those who justify killing under the name of religious sentiments. How come we became a country where slaughtering humans is justified but animals is not? Is human life cheaper than that of an animal your so called mother? Why have we become a insane country ‘human life’ can be uprooted as easily as an undesired weed. When did it happen that we lost all interest in resolving issues by talking to one another and clearly started to give verdicts and sentences to the ‘alleged’ culprit? We all have the answers. But we ‘peace loving’ Indians prefer to stay mum over all these. We can grab popcorns and watch political blame game and the emotional stories of the victimized family, shed a few crocodile tears, discuss with colleagues and forget. But let’s not do this this time. Let’s raise a voice and make sure it is heard. For we could for once tolerate sentimental loss but not the loss of somebody’s life. Jai Hind


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  • Aditya

    I failed to see the same rage, the same outflow of (genuine!) emotions on the above incident, or for that matter, tens of thousands of such incidents.
    GauMata, a term we use proudly, and still the conditions in which these cows live (compare them to the big fat cows of Switzerland or say America) is miserable.

    While I believe that, the sentiments of Indians (particularly Hindus) towards Gaumata must definitely be respected, and I DO support the ban on Beef. What I don’t support is this blatant cow vigilantism! These so called Gau-Rakshaks who would kill in the name of cow, Holy Cow!
    The killing of Akhlaq (on the basis of a few rumours), or the merciless skinning of few individuals in Gujarat, are incidents that shame the nation, and these vigilantes are not doing any Gau-raksha hereby. That poor cow, still roams on the streets, undernourished.

    Change the system, get a law in place (pan India), and the offender should be punished by law, rather than people taking the law in their own hands.
    Also, referring to the article, there should be absolutely no justification of Riots, the country has suffered enough already because of them.