I Live In A Country Where Shiv Sena is Offering 1 Lakh To Anyone Who Slaps Aamir Khan : Ashamed Indian

So, I live in a country where Shiv Sena is offering 1 lakh as reward to anyone who slaps Aamir Khan. I live in a country where the most educated Shiv Sena classifies nationality based on meat. I also live in a country where the very tolerant Shiv Sena wants to ban Fawad Khan and Mahira Khan from India.


I live in a country where our very humble Prime Minister, Modi ji, wants to incorporate Hindutva in the School Syllabus. I want to know what harm Islam or Christianity created. I live in a country where Smriti Irani is one of the faces in the news channels.

I live in a country where it took months for ‪#‎hokkolorob‬ to attain justice. I also live in a country where Prosenjit still hasn’t received justice, let me not overlook the FTII students. I live in a country where the army men rape the country girls and they are told to be our guard.

I also live in a country where the police beat up students in multiple places because they asked for their right to freedom and expression. I also live in a country where our very own politicians have cases on murders and rapes but they are roaming around fearlessly because India is Incredible.

I live in a country where there is hardly any job for this youth, where people are still struggling to prove that ART IS A WAY OF LIFE. I live in a country where degree matters more than dignity and where people put up Black Dot DP’s to show solidarity instead of believing in what the black dots really stand for! I live in a country where Muslims are told to leave because the CM of Haryana thinks Muslims do not belong to India.


Aamir Khan is a hypocrite and he runs Satyamev Jayate and where was he when Mumbai was attacked and the chain of questions followed. India made him a Super star!


Nobody can make you anything. He made himself a star, he made himself worth the tickets you buy and shed tears and come out with a smile because you know he does that right.

He is human first. His surname is secondary. His stardom is not even important because he did abide by the CONSTITUTION OF INDIA and expressed whatever he felt. Also, the media which has over- hyped his statement in a filthy way needs to answer the nation. Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao did not mean or make such a statement.

Why is it so wrong to call this country Intolerant and unsafe? Did you forget Damini or did you forget your days when porn was banned and you spent nights downloading some GB so that the porn ban doesn’t do you any harm!

Or, did you forget your walk against Intolerance when the students of Jadavpur University were beaten up. Or, did you forget the ‘Superstars’ returning their awards because of Intolerance. That time you supported the act and put hash tags and smiled. Aamir Khan makes a statement and you tighten your eye brows? WHY?

Satyamev Jayate is about the Intolerance that you face in your everyday life, it is his way of showing what’s going wrong. He did help lakhs of Indians to live a better life, just by the way. Also, PK wasn’t about mocking Hindu Culture, he just portrayed the superstitious beliefs that we laugh at, as youngsters.

Anyway, it doesn’t matter really. Shiv Sena needs to be a little more educated and must understand the meaning of Patriotism. Modi needs to stop being a hypocrite and must learn that Hindutva will fetch him no respect. He is just going the “Sanskari’ way which doesn’t interest the youth. Aamir and Kiran, yes, I live in one of the most intolerant countries and I feel unsafe here, because, my career, my body, my thoughts and my future is NOT safe here.

Thank you,

An Ashamed Indian.

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  • StressBoy

    For the first time, thanks to aamir’s statement, there at least some truth being spoken on india’s society today.

  • ankush sood

    So Shiv Sena makes our country intolerant but not The maulvis who issue fatwas every now and then to whoever they think they can.
    If you really want to write an open letters like this, first open your heart. Put both sides of coins in front then only it can be called an open letter.

    Aamor can say so as he has right to freedom of expression. So do us the people of India has the same right.
    All of us know how much Aamir earned from Satyamev Jayte and that’s his talent.
    I am not against Aamir but i feel his statement on intolerance was motivated by something else.
    I am against people like Shiv Sena who are protesting in shameless ways. But that doesn’t change the fact that I am and a lot more like me are also protesting side by side peacefully

    • Nazeer Baloch


  • Rao Sambasiva


  • Jiten Govind

    Well Said AK .. I wouldn’t give a dam what others think or say. .. live the life you want and let the minorities aside!

  • hemant

    Please leave than? i am also intolerant to such useless posts wasted my time. Why have you gone anon? We won’t show it to shivsena

  • Khushboo Pandey

    You should be an ashamed Indian!! You dragged Army into this?? You are safe and able to write this disgusting piece because there are people who are selflessly guarding the nation.

  • Anonymous

    I’m of Indian background but have never been to India, but from a far, the stories I hear from relatives who visit and who live In India, it’s an appalling place to be. Especially if you’re not wealthy. It’s the largest corrupt democracy in the World. How can such a super power be a 3rd World country? Because of corruption. The country will not progress as fast as it should because of the peoples mentality. Indians are very intolerant especially of minorities (Sikhs, Muslims and Christians) as well as “lower caste” citizens. Think about the Sikhs who saved the Hindu’s….saved India.

    What this article says is the complete truth. Indians can’t tolerate someone voicing their opinion and criticizing their nation….sounds quite intolerant to me.

    • Saumya Dhar

      Sikhs and Muslims get killed abroad…They are safe in India, trust me…

      • Muj Javed

        I don’t trust you because someone from my family got killed in india fire being Muslim…also what about the Muslim family who got lynched for eating meat you sick twisted people…stop loving a low and accept there is something wrong with your backwards thinking country or you will be doomed eventually. ..the best way to recover is admit your faults so that you may work on them instead of living in denial. ..GREAT ARTICLE !!!

  • Meet

    Disappointing article written with pride. No freaking use if you keep pointing fingers and complain. State your problem and ask for a solution, do not generalize of lable anyone. Yes India is struggling, but its still a better country in many ways..


    ” did you forget your days when porn was banned and you spent nights downloading some GB so that the porn ban doesn’t do you any harm!”


  • Heetendra

    what a biased and poor piece of writing…..even if we believe that he made himself a superstar….that doesnt mean he can say what ever he want in the name of freedom of speech…what the hell….where did he went where he felt that india or indians are intolerant….infact we feel unsafe when we image the society where muslims will be in majority or atleast equal to hindus in india , because if they can say “remove police for 15 minutes and we will show you….” as a minority, then imagine what will they do when they caome in majoirty……

    • Muj Javed

      Shut up you prejudiced pig

  • Shiv Sena sucks

    I am offering 1 Lakh likes along with 2 lakh claps to Anyone Who Slaps every member of Shiv Sena

    • dechen ongmu

      I love u Amir khan,and its a real India now n we have to make it right.n u start n tell everyone wat should we do wat is happening,like ur show.n everyone dont make it long ,there is a lot of things in life to takecare of dont follow the dirty politician n media.one who wants news n one wants to take advantage of it.live n let people live,forgiveness is also India.think it on good ways also.n pls look were our India is going,corruption,unemployment etc. but not wat amirkhan is saying,be human first,n everyone is not perfect

  • Samir Satam

    First of all, I am no congress supporter. I am not anti-national. And no, I am not a
    Pakistani either… Not that all Pakistanis are bad people or terrorists… I
    am just a simple human being and a proud Indian.

    I agree that India is a far safer country than many other countries in the
    world. But it’s like closing our eyes to say intolerance is not increasing in
    India. I see that most people who deny the increase in intolerance are just
    looking around themselves… if they themselves are getting affected… If no, they
    conclude that there is no intolerance… Very few people are seeing the bigger

    For example many asked what’s the big deal about beef ban? Majority of Indians
    don’t even consume beef! Now that’s ignorance. When chicken and mutton were
    banned for a few days, these same people started sharing posts about why should
    non-Jains not have a choice on these specific days since they are not followers
    of Jainism? Then the dal became expensive and a few vegetarians started
    cribbing about it. Now if we can’t empathize with people who are losing their
    choices, and state that it’s no big deal, our opinions on the topic come across
    as ignorant and thus invalid.

    Aamir’s statement has been miss-constructed to focus on just one line which
    even he himself didn’t say but quoted… His reply to that statement goes with
    the effect of “That’s a disastrous and big statement to make…” But
    who wants to listen to what he said as long as we get the sense of
    pseudo-patriotism by bashing him for using his freedom of speech? And yes, the
    people of India also have the right to express themselves but calling someone
    anti-national or directing them to go to Pakistan for expressing their thoughts
    is not a way of discussion but bullying. It just shows mob mentality.

    I am not sure why we confuse patriotism with our inability to take criticism. I have
    not seen a country that has grown into a safe and liveable country without its
    citizens openly criticizing the government policies. Our own India is the best
    example. If no one would have criticized the popular ways of living in India,
    we would have still been a country with problems like Sati and dowry. My favourite
    freedom fighter Bhagat Singh was of the opinion that before cleansing India of
    foreign rule, we must cleanse ourselves of our deep rooted attachment to our
    religions. Only then will India be free in true sense. Alas! We are technically
    free yet imprisoned in our own pride for our respective religions. To make it
    worse, we have started attacking and crushing every voice that tries to
    criticize our ways of life or our traditions or patriarchy or our government

    I believe there is a lot of good that our present central government has done
    till date since it came in power. And I am happy about that. But there is also
    a lack of a strong voice against religious extremism. I don’t think expecting
    just a strong statement condemning these isolated events of extremism and to
    maintain the secular and liberal fabric on which India has grown so far is so
    much to ask for.

    About rapes committed by Indian army or any other army in the
    world, it’s not the mistake of the army but the way the institutions of defense
    are built up to be sex starved. I still proud of our Indian army but such
    incidents do happen. And this doesn’t mean all army men are rapists.

    The problem of intolerance is not just a Hindu problem. It is an Indian problem.
    The fatwas issued by maulvis in India are also an Indian problem. The Durga
    Vahini being built by Hindu fundamentalists is also an Indian problem. Indian
    youth enrolling in ISIS is also an Indian problem. The murders of rationalists
    like Dabholkar, Pansare and Kalburgi is also an Indian problem. The moral
    policing carried out by fundamentalists of every religion is also an Indian
    problem. Right wing extremists storming into pubs and beating up girls is also
    an Indian problem. Incidents like Dadri lynching is also an Indian problem. Violence
    in Kashmir is also an Indian problem. Systematic cleansing of Kashmiri Pandits
    is also an Indian problem. The growing tensions at our borders are also an
    Indian problem. Sexual violence in India is also an Indian problem. So please
    stop calling these Hindu or Muslim problems.

    Yes, we are not an un-liveable country yet but we are slowly but surely In that way, if we stop criticizing our own ways of life and governance in our country…

  • PIO

    Seems like a pretty good opportunity for Mr. Khan and a friend to get Shiv Sena to make a 1 Lakh donation to a charity of their choice?

  • Manashi Misra

    Ashamed on this article. Who ever think that my country is ashamed go to hell where you feel safe. In India if you say unsafe yes it is for ladies in road , child , ordinary men, apart from all this Muslim , Hindus, Christi, Sheikh .

    • Ayman

      The most ridiculous reply ever. You just wrote out of spite, including points which further justifies the writer’s claims. And you haven’t backed your claim with any facts which might refute the article. – An outsider’s perspective.

    • Romeo Rock

      All the issues to be solve by discussion or by trying.. .there is nothing impossible .
      we believe in Indian law and judiciary….some people they want create problems for there benefit so that not mean all are wrongdoers. Its clear we are safe in our country then other..!

  • FidoDido

    Very well written. I feel your pain and helplessness. I am from Pakistan and everything you wrote in this articlec is true for Pakistan too. The only difference is that the intolerance that has started spreading its web in India started in Pakistan in mid 80. On fine morning we woke up and were told women will cover thr head on TV, Pakistan was being hailed as an Islamic sovereign state, a far cry from what Jinnah wanted; a country where ppl from all faiths would feel safe. We woke up to see Hindus, Christians and other minorities losing thr rights. We were not allowed to criticize ( just like Aamir isn’t allowed in India now without being threatened and abused) , we weren’t allowed to raise our voice. All the clubs were broken down, the casinos were emptied, the girls could not were sleeveless anymore, Ahemdis were fearful for their life. I grew up in a country I could not relate to and God forbid if I ever spoke of change I was shot down as unpatriotic.
    So this is my message to my Indian brothers and sisters, be very scared that you are walking the frenzied blind path of patriotism where criticizing something means you do not love it and loving something means you must be blind to its deterioration. We can love something and want to improve its state. Do your parents not criticize you. Will your children never tell you that you have been yelling too much, fighting too much or not giving them space. If you confront your parents so they can acknowledge something’s need to change, would it mean that you hate them or should be thrown out of the house. I remember these lines in Swades movie” Don’t say we are great. We are not. But we have the potential to be great. We can work towards greatness and yes, we surely can be great. ”
    Please don’t repeat our mistakes. Don’t shy away from criticism and abuse people who point out the issues. They are the biggest milestones in making India better. Its a wonderful country but no land or its people are infallible. The world looks at Pakistan and wonders how we got here, and became like this. This is how, by making the mistakes you are making now for 30 + years. Please think of what I have written and spread the word if possible. I have nothing but love and respect for Aamir and India. The worst mistake he made in recent timed was dhoom 3, not pointing out the truth.
    With love,
    Your sister from Pakistan.

    • Muj Javed

      Your facebook or other social network profile pic clearly shows you’re indian dumbass lol …nice try though

  • Robin Aggarwal

    Sharm ani chaide kanjra tu us desh ch rehnda hai jithe tere warge nu eh article likhan toh baad v kuch nai keha janda.sharam karo jithe khande ho othe thook de ho.rab da shukar kar tu ethe rehna

  • Poonam Verma

    The worst kind of article that I have read in the recent past. The writer should read and know the fact before writing something in public forum. Amir khan did mock an Indian God in his Movie PK. I request him to make another such movie and mock the superstitious belief’s in his own religion. Doe he have balls to go that????

    If the writer is TOO ASHAMED to call himself an INDIAN, I request him/her with all due respect to kindly look for better heavens and move there.

    India is Tolerant and such an irresponsible statement from a public figure, like Amir Khan, sends wrong message to the masses. Amir says his wife does not feel safe in India. I want to ask him that he, who enjoys the best security guards, and lives in the poshes place in India, and earns Crores per month is saying that he or his wife is not feeling safe, this is hypocrisy and nothing else. He never made a statement when FATWAH was raised against AR Rehman? He never raised his voice when Mumbai was under attack by pakistan. he never raised his voice to support the Kashmiri pandits who are living as Refugees in their own country.

    what a DOUBLE Standards!!!


    • Rajesh Mathew

      Wow, you’re an idiot! Congratulations on the most baseless reply on Earth.

      Justify Shiv Sena
      Justify Dalit murders
      Justify honor killings
      Justify violence over muslims

      Hypocrisy is when you show a blind eye to all the issues and attack a person who has done nothing wrong to you or your country. He feels unsafe because there is literally prize money for people who slap him. How would you feel if someone did that?

      • Ayman

        On point^ Rajesh.

    • usman niazi

      ” He never raised his voice when Mumbai was under attack by pakistan.”
      what you see on the news is not always true…

    • usman niazi

      “Amir khan did mock an Indian God in his Movie PK”
      islam does not allow mocking of other religions, and he was mocking the followers rather than what you say…

      “I request him to make another such movie and mock the superstitious belief’s in his own religion.”

      nothing like that exists in islam… all the superstition that the muslims have is from the hindu influence i.e nothing related to islam

      “he never raised his voice to support the Kashmiri pandits who are living as Refugees in their own country.”

      when did the occupiers became the victim? what you read on the news is not always true… ..

      “India is Tolerant and such an irresponsible statement from a public figure, like Amir Khan, sends wrong message to the masses”

      your religion teaches classes and intolerance,while his religion teaches that all humans are equal(money and color does not matter). you have got the nerve to be such a hateful little intolerant/ignorant creature. Don’t believe in hearsay, and do proper research(one line out of context is moronic). Here is your tolerant nature in the eyes of the rest of the world.


  • Deepika Sandeep

    Sorry sir,
    U live in a country where u are still allowed to write this article. U r living in a country where there are hindus as well, U live in a country where u dont wanna talk about what happens to hindus during the fight of hindu muslims, U live in a country where u r still accepted after we heard so many facts of u, U also live in a country where u r kept as a face of congress who support only relegion other than hindu.
    If u are ashamed to be called indian please go live elsewhere and prove other countries are safe n more tolerant.
    Thank you,
    Proud indian

    • Paki

      Lol, his identity is anonymous. Does that explain anything?

    • Romeo Rock

      yes proud to be those who doing good things…shame to be those who doing such of things ….

  • Bapy Shahriar

    He is who he really is .. all the fundamentalist are nothing but assholes.
    well said bro …

  • Palak Ganatra

    U Basically Shall Remain an ashamed Indian , For supporting an Hypocrite !
    Amir Khan , is the biggest Hypocrite i have Seen , An Illiterate educating What Doctors should do , get Life Man !!
    And am not at all ashamed Of being an Indian who tolerates Such Hypocrites , Cause that is What my Hindutva teaches ! He is and will be biggest hypocrite i have come Accross !

  • Sagar Jawale

    ashemed on who wrote this article……….and just shup up…

  • devashish choudhari

    I agreed with this Ashamed Guy, but the thing you mentioned in your article are happening since long time. Then why this people(who are affected with Intolerance and Awards wapsi “SUPERSTARS”(lol)) raised their eyebrow when Modi came into the power. The change come after a Change. So Dude please don’t follow hypocrite and me as an Indian will not take this that “My Country is intolerant”.

  • Akash Asthana

    Yes you live in such a country dear, here you will be stopped/protested/questioned by the lovers of country whenever you say against this country, smriti irani is a t.v. face so what, PM is a chaiwala ! question him when she do anything incorrect now. Yes prosenjit has still not get justice, director must be suspended as well MU there, FTII also; countrymens are against this and revolting , but these are the matters, the issues which happened and these needed to be solve, try to help them in that; Rather than taking it as a ground for your article and declaring i am ashamed of this country!! Better do anything for the country and make it a better place to live on else just collecting the incidents and integrating them into an article entitling ashamed Indian just to seek some likes/comments. Grow up buddy !! Criticizing is the easiest job that you have picked 🙂

  • Ankita Kotian

    who ever wrote this article should be ashamed of him self i dont no y everyone is thinking tht Amir khan is right watevr he said is turth i dont think so he is right where was he when mumbai attack happend so many hindus lost thier lifes just for our country did he show all this in his show satyamev jayte no n talking abt tht girls r getting raped tht time there was no modi sarkar soon for thing also a big punishment will give to the rapers .talking abt his fame he has all got it from Indian ppl if they would have not gone to see his picture he would have not got all tht fame n money from India if he if thinks he is living in an intolerant country so go from our country n live where ever he n his wife feels safe ………

  • Romeo Rock

    Yes we are live this country were some political groups have strive for making riots…
    we have freedom to speak anything but should be with respect..so all clean your heart first
    then come to speak…will go ahead ….!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • bharti

    When 26/11 happen why Amir Khan never come out and said anything. Other thing Before Roit Godhar train was burn so many Hindu died why he never come and said anything. Good thing happen Modiji in power , India will be number one one day. Tell on 5th December Muslim person took knife and injured 3 people . What do you want to say about what happen in america couple killed 14 people.

    • Abd-al-husain

      Plz justify who were the ppl who tore apart te foetus of women in Gujarat riots, Muslims?? no hindus .. Who were the ppl who killed millions of ppl (Native Americans) and captured their land ,Muslims?? no Christians …Who were thr ppl who cut the heads of ppl in burma, Muslims?? no Buddhists .. Who are the ppl killing thousands of palestinians ,Muslims?? No Jews , the most terrorist attacks carried out in America are by Jews .. did you know it No !! Because noones terrorist until he/she is a Muslim !! Right??

  • Vishal

    Mr.Ashamed Indian, Be bold to disclose your identity before writing an article. There is not point in discussing on this forum.

  • Abd-al-husain

    When I saw these hindu extremists comments i believ aamir SRK all are right about intolerence .. I just saw someone saying muslim burnt trains plz justify who were the ppl who tore apart tye foetus of women muslims?? no hindus .. Who were the ppl who killed millions of ppl (Native Americans) and captured their land Muslims?? no Christians …Who were thr ppl who cut the heads of ppl in burma Muslims?? no Buddhists .. Who are the ppl killing thousands of palestinians Muslims?? No Jews , the most terrorist attacks carried out in America are by Jews .. did you know it No !! Because noones terrorist until he’s Muslim!! And at last everyone’s free to say the truth and I salute Aamir and SRK saab!!