Humble Reply To Deepika’s My Choice Video by Male

The so-called empowering video by Vogue starring Deepika Padukone, have drawn a lot of flakes for being over the top sexist, rather feminist but in all wrong way. So, how can one accept it freely. This video by RJ Rahul Sharma does not only spoofs the video but also sends across a very strong message.

A very humble response to the viral video is this. Hope everyone who applauded the Empowering video are taking a note of it. Being open minded is not a difficult task, you just need to have a rational view point. The viral video was highlighted for the sexual choice, but this video talk things which are above that.

What a male goes through? & What circumstances one goes through?

For very Male Chauvinist & Extreme Feminist! Don’t judge on the basis of gender but as per the human nature.


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