Girl Taught Her Boyfriend The Lesson Of A Lifetime, Who Wanted Just Physical Relation

We have been very much active in bringing out the psychopaths from the society who thinks women are for serving “Food at Day and Sex at night” and, once again there goes this couple who have been dating each other for months now, until and unless the guy started showing the true color.

And, this guys fall in that category of worshiping “Sexual Relation” ONLY!


The whole motto of getting into relationship is not to get intimate and physical but many people do not understand this fact and try to portray the girl as the mere sex object.

So, when this guy started following the same path of blackmailing and trying to take advantage of the “Ladki ki Izzat”, He did not knew that he is going to get his own shit on and is in for loosing his own “Izzat”

The girl

Bravo to the girl !!


When all the level crossed, she had to “Bezaat” this guy, So she did made it viral!!


Seems like Guy backed out of his plan of getting laid or must be laid somewhere in Pain!

Don’t you think that this is the best way to show people where they belong? and, give them a reality check?

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