Ghaziabad Police Reunited Lost Child Of Daily Wage Worker With His Family In Hours

The Ghaziabad police reunited a lost child with his family in Delhi within hours of the seven-year-old leaving his house.

Ankush, the son of a daily wage worker from Delhi, got lost after he left his house in a huff. He was reunited with his family thanks to a Ghaziabad police constable who traced them with the help of a small tag, bearing a school name, on his shirt.

After leaving his house, Ankush reached the Delhi-Ghaziabad border where he was spotted by Imran Ansari, a commuter. Despite heavy rain, Ansari dropped him to the Ghaziabad superintendent of police (SP) office at Ghanta Ghar around 11am. There, the policemen kept waiting for Ankush to give them some information.

“He said his father’s name was Rishi Pal, but could not tell us his address. He was wearing a shirt that had a small tag saying ‘Arvind Bharti Public School.’ We immediately tried to look for a school of this name in Ghaziabad, but could not find it. Then, we looked it up on the internet and found that the school was somewhere in the area under Gokulpuri police station in Delhi,” said Adesh Kumar Sharma, the constable at the SP office.

“We immediately called up our control room and took the numbers of our Delhi police counterparts. From there, we contacted Gokulpuri police station whose officials sent a constable, Ajay Kumar, to the school. In the communication with him, the school confirmed Ankush’s name and that of his father. They also gave us the number of his uncle Rahul Kumar. Thereafter, we contacted Rahul who informed Ankush’s parents. They had been searching for the boy helplessly,” Sharma said.

By 4pm on Saturday, Ankush’s parents had arrived. In the meantime, he had been keeping the police personnel busy as they tried to keep him at one place by offering him tea and biscuits.

“He is an active boy and was trying to move out of the room. We somehow distracted him from doing so. Within an hour, his family was traced and given a call to reach Ghaziabad. When they arrived, we handed him over to his parents after completing the formalities with the requisite documents,” Sharma said.

“We never expected the police to put in so much effort to reunite the boy with his family. We were overwhelmed by their behaviour. Ankush’s father had arranged money and bought books for him to go to a small school nearby, but he refused to do so after being scolded by his father. He then took autos and somehow reached the Ghaziabad-Delhi border,” said Rahul, the boy’s uncle.

The family stays at a rented accommodation in Ganga Vihar in Delhi. Ankush is one among two siblings with a younger brother aged four.

“It has been an untiring effort on part of the constable who used all the means he had to trace the family. He displayed presence of mind in locating the parents through the school tag on the boy’s shirt. Delhi police personnel too played their part and helped us reunite the boy with his family,” said Salmantaj Patil, Ghaziabad SP.

(News Source: Hindustan Times)

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