First Time Ever In History Court Doubted Woman’s Rape Story Also Asked Her Why She Did Not Resists

On June 11, 2014, a 23-year lady visited her sister in Shironda; it was morning time and all of sudden, a man pulled her into his car, choked her and reportedly assaulted her physically in a hotel.

Eventually, post the rape episode, the lady made a complaint of this incident in police on May 2015, 11 months after the incident. When the case went into the session’s court, the judgment came in the favour of the lady and the accused was put into the bar for seven years; however, he appealed to the high court and gradually and got a bail of Rs. 15,000.

First Time Ever In History, Court Doubted Woman’s Rape Story Also Asked Her Why She Did Not Resists

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Justice Anant Badar expressed doubt over what the woman statement regarding being the victim of rape:

“Prima facie, the theory put up by the victim is improbable in the sense that she wants the court to believe that an adult woman can be dragged inside a vehicle by only one male person and then her mouth can be tied by a handkerchief and in that position, a man is able to drive the vehicle to take her to a hotel while her hands were not tied. (Her) evidence does not show any resistance to her, despite the fact that her hands were free and the vehicle was being driven by the accused”.

“It is seen that the prosecution has not adduced any evidence to corroborate version of the victim in the light of the fact that prima facie the incident appears to be improbable”.

The accused’s lawyer didn’t deny that the accused and the victim were having physical intimacy, reportedly, but the advocate refused the charges. The hearing of the case is pending now!

The Bombay High Court chose to grant a bail to the rape accused.

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