Everyone wants a change but where exactly is the change.

There is no point in disagreeing with the fact that youth of India desperately want the system to change. You can hear them frequently speaking up against the ideals set up by so called society. This definitely leads to a thought provoking question that if there is a strong atmosphere against the orthodox thinking then why isn’t anything changing? The answer to this question lies in the fact that we want the thinking to change without changing ours. For instance at present the number of men supporting women empowerment in paper is even more than the population of women but when it comes to searching a life partner they don’t want their better half to have a salary better than their half. Isn’t it ironical?

Speaking about a certain taboo is certainly thousand times easier than working against it. People find it easy to blame the ideals set up or the thinking prevailing but it takes a lot of courage to defy the rules and go for the change you wish to see. It takes no effort to walk on a path already laid and well maintained but making a new path on a place where there is no scope is definitely not a child’s play. What people do is walk on the former but talk about the latter which is entirely reverse of what is needed. The so called air of change which has either come up in paper or in the social networking sites needs to travel to the remote parts of India. Recently while going through a news article in an established national daily I realized how hollow the rules established to guarantee human rights are. The article was about a small village in Maharashtra where men marry twice or thrice just to fulfill the water demands of their home. The woman in such case is called ‘Water wife’ and does the work of fetching water walking miles to quench the thirst of the family. Although polygamy is illegal in India but still such news articles are common. On one side we talk about women empowerment and safeguarding women rights and on the other such articles give us a reality check that discussions alone cannot change the situation. It is true that Dialogue is the oxygen of change but that needs to be followed by something solid. The air of change if extends to such rural parts even with a slow pace, will definitely bring a big difference.

One more reason why we don’t see the changes is because we don’t want to take risk. We prefer to live life in a way that is comfortable for us. We wish that someone else does work on the idea that is locked up inside our mind but this cannot happen until and unless we start up working on that idea. We talk about living our dreams, taking the road less travelled by, serving humanity and blah blah but when we consider something as a profession the only thing that motivates us is the money and comfort. There are exceptions for sure and those exceptions have brought up an exceptional change no doubt but the problem is that they don’t get the respect they should rather they face financial problems and a life in utmost poverty. This not only de motivates the youth but also creates a thinking among the society that going for a change is definitely not a good choice. Media unquestionably has to be blamed for such situation because the spicy political and entertainment news is much more appealing to them than the simple life of such selfless people.

The last but the most important reason for not seeing the change is certainly the so called ‘Society’. Even if an individual wants to do something concrete to bring a change there exists an issue of what will people say?  Take an example of marriage. It is considered something as important as oxygen in our society. As soon as the boy or girl reaches an age set up by society good for marriage they have to marry no matter how strongly they feel that they don’t want to marry. And by chance if they show courage by defying the norms and remaining unmarried the questions on their character starts arising out of nothing. Such is the impact of society. The first change that most importantly has to be brought up is to diminish the impact of society on individual thinking because the society in itself is a symbol of double standard. It is so ironical that you see thousands of likes on a post in facebook supporting a change but in real life if someone dares to take that step the dislikes will be, if not much than at least hundred times more than the likes. So before going for a change don’t dare to think what people will say because in this way you won’t be able to even lay foundation of the change let alone the change.

There are two ways to live life, one is to say everything and do nothing and the other is to say something and do the same thing.  Make sure that you live it in latter way and inspire others also to do the same. There will be many barriers on the path but remember you have already crossed the biggest barrier by going for a change and defying the society you live in. If you believe in your idea and you have confidence on your thinking go for it. As in the words of Charles Pierre “It is better to have a war for justice than peace in injustice.”

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