Dont let Dadri incident ever to be forgotten until serious justice has been done – Farhan Akhtar

A 50-year-old man and his son were brutally beaten by a mob of people in Dadri, UP because ‘allegedly’ they had consumed beef.

While the old man Mohammad Akhlaq died sustaining the injuries, his son is in a bad shape. Both of them had been dragged out of their house during the night by a group of people, reportedly from a nearby village.

Senior cops have been camping in that region fearing a communal riot while politicians from various political parties have been busy playing the blame game. Amidst all the chaos, actor, Farhan Akhtar voiced his opinion in an open letter, that throws light on the ugly truth that we refuse to face.

As shared on his Facebook, this is what he wrote:

It’s been almost a week now since a man (husband and father) in Dadri, U.P was brutally murdered. He was dragged out of his house and in full view of his family, beaten to death by a mob. His son is in critical condition, doctors still struggling to keep him alive. His wife and daughter will probably never recover from this incident.Reason: He was rumored to have stored and/or eaten beef. Let me repeat that. He was RUMORED to have stored and/or eaten beef.

Now one would imagine that those who committed this crime are lunatics who have no ability to think for themselves, their lives devoid of any purpose and who therefore cling on to the lamest of reasons, or more specifically, sorriest of excuses so as to give meaning to their own existence.
They should be given the harshest punishment to send a message out that this sort of kangaroo justice will not be allowed in our nation.

But will that happen?

It’s the aftermath with the routine insensitive quotes from politics leaders, some blatantly blaming the victims eating habits, others sheltering the accused, that have already started creating the blueprint for what is to follow. We’ve seen it before. Do we want to see it again?

The police sprung into action and have sent the meat from the dead victims house for Forensics!!!!
Need one say more about how twisted this is beginning to get.

The point of this post is that another thing will be routine. The silence of the peace loving citizen. But this is NOT the time to remain silent.
What has happened once can surely happen again and unless we, the people, do not unite in demanding immediate action, this is going to turn into a circus with all the usual suspects having a go at each other, trying to score PR points.

There are serious implications if justice is not swift and exact.

During this week, another Gandhi Jayanti has passed us by. I know one family in UP that must wonder what happened to the principles that he built this nation on.

Indians killing Indians killing Indians. Let’s face it.. His memory has been completely dishonored.

Let us not allow the Dadri incident ever to be forgotten or repeated. Jai Hind.

He has made a point that cannot be ignored. Unless we react, nothing is going to change.

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