Dont Get Scared Of Me , I Am Also A Human – Indian Muslim

Hello my fellow Indians,

I am a Muslim and please don’t get scared of me. I am also a common man like you who works hard to earn for his family and children. I also want my children to study in a good school and become a better human being. I also want terrorism to get finished. I also want peace and brotherhood everywhere. I always ask Allah to keep everyone happy. I also want to get loved by every other person. But my wishes are never granted because I am a Muslim. I want to ask everyone that what my fault is if few bad people are spreading fear and horror by taking the name of my religion. I want to ask why my children consider as a culprit in schools. Why I can’t get a chance to prove myself and my religion. Why I become an obvious terrorist by birth?


I live in Delhi where people have the modern mentality and everyone is judged equally. But this is the half truth as many modern people have the same thinking somewhere in their minds. I was traveling in the metro when I heard an old woman appreciating a Muslim boy who might work for her. She said, “Mulla hai magar lagta nahi hai.” Her words are like someone has stabbed me from inside. For two minutes I thought that is she appreciating him or abusing him. I never understood that why a Muslim person can’t be considered as good. This is not the first incident which I had faced as I get people with this mentality almost everywhere. Even one of my best friends also criticizes my religion.

A Muslim takes part in a special morning prayer to start Eid-al-Fitr festival, marking the end of their holy fasting month of Ramadan, at a mosque in Silver Spring, Maryland, on August 19, 2012. Muslims in the US joined millions of others around the world to celebrate Eid-al-Fitr to mark the end of Ramadan with traditional day-long family festivities and feasting. AFP PHOTO/Jewel SAMAD        (Photo credit should read JEWEL SAMAD/AFP/GettyImages)

Every day I read many WhatsApp messages on groups in which people try to prove that beliefs of Islam are false. I recently read a message which says that Islam is a tribe and not a religion. The message has included all the facts for proving the statement. I want to ask everyone that if these messages are true then why they need detail explanation. Many people have this misunderstanding that we Muslims have no scientific reason for beliefs we follow. Let me clear some of them here. We read four times Namaz because we feel connected to Allah and it fills us with positivity and energy to work freshly till the day end. The Green color which links with our religion makes us feel connected to the beautiful greenery of nature. We pray with open hands because we want to hold the blessings of Allah. Our sitting position during Namaz helps us to do yoga and stay fit.


I don’t want to make anyone feel guilty but just want to tell everyone that we are also same as all. We too have red color blood and same skin as humans have. I want to tell that Islam or any other religion never taught people to spread terror in the name of god. To fight terrorism we all need to get united and fight the bad people. We have to understand that terrorism is thinking and not a religion. Stop seeing every Muslim as a terrorist. We just want peace like everyone and expect little respect and love from every other religion and community. In the end, I know that not every person who is Muslim could be good but yes a Muslim could be a good person. Stop judging us and start understanding us.

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