Delhi Cricketer Beaten To Death After A Brawl With Local Gang

In a shocking incident, a local gang ambushed a young Delhi cricketer while he was playing a match and beat him to death with hockey sticks, stones and an iron rod and left him to rot in the bushes nearby.

The brutal attack came just five days after the 20-year-old had got into a brawl with the gang and they came back for revenge.

It was known that the gang often target young people and kill them.


In the history of local cricket, on-field clashes are very common. However, it is yet to be known why the boy was beaten by the gang, according to a report in India Times.

Reports did not mention the victim’s name and personal details.

The report also says that they had threatened to kill him when the initial argument took place on 12 July.

Three accused have been arrested after the boy’s family filed a case. But the relative of the deceased boy blocked the road and protested against police. They said there were at least 8 to 10 criminal who were involved in beating the boy.

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