Cancer Survivor Giving New Hopes To Underpriviledged


Mark Rego is a popularly known by world as a pub quiz master in the city of Bangalore.


But to hundreds of destitute children, he is equivalent to a father.


Mr. Rego was diagnosed with cancer almost 7 years ago and he has been transformed to a new personality since then. To make a difference in lives of these destitute children, he now helps raise funds for charities that work with orphans, underprivileged children and cancer patients.

Mark spends a lot of his time at the Jeevarathni Foundation, which is a home for destitute children in Hosur, between the border of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.


“They are mostly from poor backgrounds, some are orphans and others have parents who are unable to take care of them. A few were rescued from the streets where their parents had left them to beg”, he told BBC


According to Mark, “giving away your spare money” is not really charity.

The world needs more of such good souls who are willing to work for humanity! Hats Off Mark!

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