Can the night life be safe for girls in Chandigarh?

There have been number of instances around the city late night that have posed a question on whether the girls have a safe night environment or not. The answer still remains pessimistic.

“We were Grabbing food after party at sector 17, bus stand on a Saturday night and we were 5 girls in the car, there was this group of drunken boys standing next to us first, they started staring, then they knocked and surrounded our car we raced out our car and went home. But what I don’t understand is that how do these guys even gather guts to tease any girl they see? Just because it was a night time and we should supposedly be in our houses”, Palak, 23, homemaker.

“This recently happened with me that my friends came out of the car at night food street and this bunch of guys who sat next to them and started fighting with them, by the time reached back there was a tiff that they initiated just because my friend said that the seat is already taken and at the end just to avoid a scene the whole group had to leave as they were threatening the guy friends and even the police were like ‘“aap panga nahi chahte toh jao”’ looking at the situation the best option we thought was to get out of the situation.”“Practically, we live in a country where the law and order is least considered the way it should be. Hence, the responsibility comes on the citizen to take precautionary measures for our own safety”, Sherry, 26 a visitor from Ludhiana.

“Chandigarh is not safe for girls to go on a night-out on their own specially if they don’t have a car, the comments and the bullying on the dresses is something that we are used to now. There is a constant threat of kidnapping and rape hovering in our minds when we are out even in the late hours of the evening”.  A Student, 23 Chandigarh.

“The city is not really that safe for girls for going out at night specially, if they are all on their own without any boy with them. I have been in Pune and have seen group of girls partying and roaming without any tension here it is not possible.” Sahil, 24, a Chandigarh resident.

“the main problem I think is the police set up, now being a married female my husband won’t allow me to go out alone because he is aware of the current unsafe situation, in day you still have people around and you can gather crowd but at night you are at more risk and you are wholly solely responsible for your own safety when the systems are of no help” Baljinder, pg owner.

The safety and freedom of the girls is questioned every time these people take a liberty of teasing the girls. The harassment that a female faces specially at the late hours of the night raises a question for a lot of issues indirectly. These victims who were harassed don’t want to launch an official complaint against those who did it, because of the systems and the non acceptance that the society shows towards such issues.

In a city like Chandigarh, which is a place considered rather safe for females has been facing these issues! They often go unreported and unspoken. The reason might have been the thought process of the society or the official systems, which are having a reputation as such that a person would rather be harassed than report the incident.  A candle march in years brings out the case of one in a thousand to lime light. On the other hand, rest of the scenario is again ignored. What are the measures taken for a safety of a girl? How does the government plan to educate the masses of their rights and duties?

These are the questions in my mind, every-time I see the news paper flooded with cases of rapes and molestations. The stories of victims shake the very foundation of female existence in a society like this. On one hand, we profess to make the female sect the power and developer of our society and on the other we are unable to provide a female the freedom to move with a free spirit. Suppressing the prejudices that are attached by the human institution, it sadly shows the reality of this dogmatic society.

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