BSF Jawan Tej Bahadur is Missing Says His Wife on Social Media

You must have seen the video of Tej Bahadur (BSF Jawan) about conditions of food they receive . Whole nation was having fear to see something bad happening to him for taking such brave step and sad to know her wife is claiming her husband is missing since monday evening.

In a Facebook post,  published by the wife of the bsf jawan Tej Bahadur Yadav on his personal profile she has claimed that Yadav has been missing since Monday evening.

“I haven’t spoken to my husband since yesterday evening,” she wrote Hindi, “and we have no idea where or how he is doing.”

Here is the fb post screenshot which has been taken down now.


Post got over 850 shares and  2,400 people had reacted to it. However, soon as it started to get viral it disappeared off Facebook. Instead, a second post appeared in its place, which said: “Some people’s are trying to say that it’s a fake id so I want to say that I am wife of mr tej bahadur yadav who is using this id”.

His wife also says “Roti ki maang karna galat toh nahin hai, humein nyay milna chahiye” .


Though The Border Security Force (BSF) has dismissed the allegations by jawan Tej Bahadur Yadav’s wife that the constable has been missing since his video went viral and says he  was posted in a battalion HQ in Jammu and was free to contact his family.

Another sources claiming he has been given the duty of plumber now for doing that video thing.


So in the democratic country  even the persons whom are ready to sacrifice their life for country has no right to make stand for themselves.


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