Bengaluru’s Mass Molestation: Cops Find Evidences And File FIR


The New Year eve celebrations turned into a nightmare for several women who were allegedly molested at a massive gathering in Bengaluru’s downtown area. Three days after the incident, police claimed to have found “credible” evidence of molestation and have registered an FIR.


Bengaluru’s new Commissioner of Police, Praveen Sood said, ‘his team was working on the case silently,’ in series of tweets when the fingers were raised on Police for not taking any action on such an outrage incident.

Sood tweeted, “As promised we have found credible evidence, repeat credible evidence, in a case of wrongful confinement, molestation and attempt to rob.”


In his another tweet he stated, “We have taken action by registering an FIR. Investigation is in progress. Police is working…. though silently.”

Stating that further investigation is underway by an officer of DCP rank, he has said that they have gone through the feeds from 45 cameras on MG road, and unedited video is available with police.

Eyewitness accounts had suggested that women were molested and groped and lewd remarks were also passed by miscreants late night on December 31 in the posh area even as it was claimed that 1,500 police personnel had been deployed to control the gathering.


Initially Police stated that no one came forth to file a complaint against molestation.


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