To Beat Supreme Court’s Highway Liquor Ban, Kerala’s Bar Owner Came With A “Jugard”

Supreme Court’s order of ban of liquor on national and state highways has affected many hotel owners, while on one hands, owners in other states are cribbing about it, on the other hand, a bar owner in Kerala has come up with the most imaginative idea to batter the ban. In Kochi, a bar owner set up a maze at the entrance of his bar effectively obeying the apex court order of 500m distance from the highway while not shutting down his business.

The owner of the Aiswarya Beer and Wine Parlour at Paravoor has came up with an overnight plan, they closed down the main entrance of the bar opening to the state highway. He constructed a maze-like pathway on a plot next to his bar. The maze opens up at the state highway entrance leads customers to the bar’s new entrance which is 500 meters away from the highway.

This bar owner has initiated a new trend for many other bar owners. No customer will be allowed to enter directly into the bar but take a long route and walk along the maze that is effectively in line with the Supreme Court’s order.

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