Are Indian Scientists Free From Superstitions Or Superstitious Tradition Is Still A Belief?


We are living in the country where there is existence of various types of traditions, religions, rituals and many Spiritual beliefs. In India we have numerous gods and goddesses and cow is worshiped as it is considered as sacred animal and it is believed that many god and goddesses resides in a cow. Lots of Festivals and Rituals have been celebrated in our country and no one can find it in any other country and every tradition and religion has a viable reason for its own essence and existence. With the existence of many beliefs and religions no doubt superstition also existed. Superstition are numerous and varied in Nature. One example of it is that making a wish in front of shooting star may fulfil people’s particular wishes and desires. Some people also believe in lucky stars, lucky numbers, lucky planets and wait for these lucky things to work wonders for them. Rather than making things happen by their own hard work, will power and skills they keep on waiting for things to happen for them by these lucky numbers, stars etc. Many people also follow astrology, horoscope and take help of tarot cards reading to know their fortune or how things will work for them in the future. People also undertake many fasts to fulfil their wishes, offering prayers to god etc.

In Indian history, thousands of women were used to burn alive in the funeral pyre of their husbands on the superstition that they will live in heaven with their husbands. In western societies Friday and Thirteen Number is Unlucky. Contrarily, Friday is an auspicious day for Muslims and Hindus. Likewise, crossing of black cat in one’s path is a bad omen in western countries and India but its good omen in Egypt.

It is a rather debatable that Are Indian scientists are free from superstitions?
Science does believe in scientific methods, experiments and its varied results. For Science anything which does not comes under scientific methods and experiments is superstition ie. any idea or theory that cannot be tested under scientific method is superstition. According to various researches not only Indian scientists but scientists of other countries follow their certain traditions before going to space or before any rocket launch. No doubt space scientists world over are working on advanced scientific fields but still they are not free of superstitions and beliefs. It however does not signify that every scientist or space scientist is superstitious. Some may follow their traditions and some not.

Indian space scientists prior to its every space mission pray to Lord Balaji at Tirupati in Andhra Pradesh for a Success in its missions and their American counterparts eat peanuts. A Space Scientist at the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) told IANS that in Russian Tradition Russian Cosmonauts Urinate on the right back wheel of their transfer bus on their way to the launch centre. According to a retired ISRO rocket scientist, a project director used to wear a new shirt on the day a rocket was launched. Indian space scientists told IANS that agency as a whole does not follow superstitious acts, they are not able to explain the absence of rocket named Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle- 13 (PSLV- C13). When queried about PSLV C13, a higher ranking officer told that there is no such rocket designated with that number. He refused to accept that ISRO considered 13 as unlucky number.

This picture is taken in September 2014 of ISRO chief K Radhakrishnana seeking divine blessing of tirupati ji with a small replica of the 1350 kg Indian Mars Orbiter that travels 780 million kilometres before reaching Mars. However, top Indian Scientist and the Chairman of the Advisory Council of the Indian Prime Minister Prof. C.N. RAO had criticized the long time Practice of Indian Space Research agency of seeking Blessings in Tirupati Temple and called it as a act of superstition.

No doubt science has become so advance in this modern world and many developments have been done which is making our lives more easy, modern and technologically advanced but still superstition in many ways does exist in scientific world.

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