Actor Jeetu Verma Brutally Attacked With Stones And Might Lose One Eye

I seems like Rajasthan is not at all safe region now. Violence has become so common that anyone is targeted and attacked without any reason. Earlier, Sanjay Leela Bhansali was attacked by members of Karni Sena on the sets if Padmavati.
A similar incident took place with Jeetu Verma at the same place when Sanjay Leela Bhansali was attacked. Jeetu got brutally attacked in Chittorgarh and now he is almost on the verge of losing his one eye. Jeetu owns many horses and offers training for riding sequences in movies.

He had played side roles in Soldier and Bodyguard and had never thought of being attacked in such a manner. Do you think the Karni Sena members should be help responsible for his condition?

As per the reports, Jeetu was traveling to Mount Abu when this incident took place; when his car reached Chittorgarh’s forest area, some unfamiliar people pelted stones on him.


Jeetu’s brother, Manohar Verma Said, that it waa day time when this incident of stone pelting took place. Jeetu was sitting on the front seat, although the driver increase the speed, but the stone pelting did not stop. The windshield of the car got cracked and the stone hit directly on Jeetu’s right eye, leading to heavy bleeding.

Jeetu was immediately taken out of the car by the driver to a nearby toll booth. It was quite surprising to know that police officals were investigating two similar attacks that took place in the same area. Without even delaying for a while, he was flown to Mumbai from Udaipur airport.

The police officials recovered the stones from the car during the investigation, but couldn’t figure out why it all happened.

Suniel Shetty, who is a close friend of Jeetu, made all the arrangements for his hospitalization in Wadala, as soon as he landed in Mumbai.
Dr. S Nataranjan, who operated Jeetu, said that his eyebrow has got fracture and needs 10 stitches, and his retina of one eye is damaged which can kead to permanent blindness.

We wish Jeetu a speedy recovery and hope that such incidents don’t happen in the near future. Rajasthan government should take care of the security and should maintain proper law and order, so that travelers aren’t prone to such attacks.

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