A Woman In Jaipur Walked On Road Wearing Her Lingerie And Called It ‘Azaadi’

Remember My Life My  Choice from Deepika ? Very Much Similar Example here.

A lady in Jaipur has been found parading on the streets doing her usual stuff, carrying on with her everyday routine just like any woman would do except that she’s doing all this in her undergarments.

When locals asked her why she’s doing what she’s doing, her response was “I have the right to wear whatever I want to”. Which is not incorrect at all. But isn’t walking in your bra going a little too far?

So Ab Kya Asse Badlega India ? Is that the change we people are looking for ?




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  • Siddharth Reddy

    Well …I don’t know her motive behind this so I’m not going to be judgmental …But from the answer she has given ….I don’t see anything wrong with it … I think she is trying to make a point that women’s clothing shouldn’t tamper with women’s security…. Definitely she hasn’t been doing it all her life … I feel its like any other campaign that would promote messages and ideas verbally … she is just doing it Visually. The ideas and messages that one concludes from her act depend on and reflect the quality of their mindset. Anyway, I personally feel India should get out of the conservative mindset about women’s clothing…. I mean people should get used to seeing women in different clothing and should not make it a big deal.