7 Things Indian women should stop being sorry for!

Women have the brain to think intellectually. As Indian women, we have been raised to value others more than we do ourselves. Too often, women fell sorry/guilty for things they do and sometimes for things they didn’t. But enough is enough. You are not put on this earth to please everyone.. so stop being sorry!

Here are 7 things Indian women should stop being sorry for:

stop being sorry for
1) Being Career-oriented
I want to work first .You work late and you don’t cook. So what? You should not be apologetic about focusing on something you like.


2) Being Single or serial dater
Getting hitched should come out of choice and not because of social pressure. You can date multiple men until you get the right one. Wonderful! If somebody got a problem, that is theirs and not yours.


3) Hanging out in Pubs an having male friends
If boys can hang out in pubs, why can’t you? Having fun is your right and nothing to be sorry about. Males can be besties with female pals.

4) Being Open-minded and liberal
Do what is right .Being sorry for something you think or believe in doesn’t make any sense.


5) Being Girly or Tomboy Ish
You are a girl and being a girly girl should be a matter of pride not shame. You can also choose you way as shabby snobby or cool dude boyish the choice is yours.


6) Being the Shape you are
No body type is perfect. So learn to love for what you appear to be. Whether you are skinny, fat or just perfect, you should never be ashamed about the way you look


7) Being Yourself
Love yourself and accept yourself for the vibrant female you are. Suppressing your natural self just because you are scared of being judged is not cool. Be what you are, stay firm, stay confident and never ever be sorry for that!

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  • Swapnil Ichake

    bt appearance does matter fr any girl speacially i think…ur 6 th reason might b wrong….no buddy accepts reality…..