53 Years Old Man Falls To His Death While Parasailing In Tamil Nadu

In a most unfortunate incident, a 53 years old businessman, Malleshwara Rao, died while parasailing in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. He fell from a height of 60 metres because his safety harness malfunctioned.


He was attending a college festival in Coimbatore.

The horrific incident was recorded by a spectator. The victim hit the ground with a loud terrific bang and a huge crowd gathered around the man who was profusely bleeding.


People saw the poor man losing control over his parachute and hanging precariously. He was taken to the hospital, but he was declared dead.

The case is been investigated by the police and as of now, the police are blaming the safety harness which was not tied properly.

Police officials said, “We are investigating. It appears the safety harness was either not latched to the glider or it was latched but snapped later.”

Watch this video by TIMES NOW to see the horrifying incident:

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