500 Meat Shops Shut Down By Shiv Sena In Gurugram, Including KFC

The right to eat is the fundamental right of every person and we Indians have enormous variety of dishes to try out and chicken is one of them. But during Navratras, we have to leave chicken for few days. Apparently, we live in a country where a lot of people have different opinions. Therefore, not everyone opts to leave chicken even during the Navratri festival.

Shiv Sena people don’t like such opinion. Soon after the BJP government crashed down on the illegal slaughter houses in Uttar Pradesh, Shiv Sena went way further by shutting down more than 500 meat shops in Haryana. The reason is considered to be due to the festival. This had badly affected the American fast food restaurant chain KFC. The meat shops are given a notice to remain closed not only during Navratri festival but on all Tuesdays for the rest of the year.

“We have served notices to hotels, dhabas, eateries serving non-vegetarian food, apart from raw meat and chicken shops owners to keep shops shut during Navratri and on Tuesdays. One will have to face consequence in case he does not follow instructions,” said Ritu Raj, general secretary of Shiv Sena in Gurugram said.

Nevertheless, as per the party members, the procedure of shutting down was conducted in a peaceful manner without any violence. But as per the shopkeepers, they had no option but to comply with it.

Shiv Sena people love chicken so much, that one will be surprised. Although they have shut down the shops during Navratri festival, but it was not far ago when they craved for a single bite of it.

BMC announced on 27th August 2016, that as per directives of the government and according to a GR issued by the urban development department in 2004, the meat shops in Mumbai would be shut only for two days i.e. on August 29 and September 5 due to Paryushan.

It’s quite strange, that it was the Shiv Sena people who took the offence and started the protest against it. They actually started roasting chicken in front of Jain people as a part of their protest.

It’s worth pondering what if someone even dares to do such a thing at this point of time in Gurgaon. Will he be spared easily? The peak time has reached for us to address the shallow hypocrisy of such organizations where it is alright to ban meat when it comes to celebrate their own festival but not when someone else asks for the same special treatment.
The shutting down of meat shops shouldn’t have happened. It’s an owner’s complete right to sell whatever he wants, wherever he wants and whenever he wants, provided that it is legal to sell the products. Some people don’t eat chicken during Navratri festival which is all okay, but forcing someone else not to eat it just because it is Navratri or Paryushan for that matter is completely wrong.

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