The 4 AM Heroes Of India Who Make Sure Our Routine Never Gets Hampered


Nilay Singh, a media student and musician from Navi Mumbai, decided to capture the lives of some of Mumbai’s early rising workers, those who make sure our routines dont get hampered. He wasn’t aware that he will get so much inspired by them while documenting their routine.

He recently captured pictures of these heroes and posted them on his Instagram account, called 4 AM Heroes, as a tribute to the dedication, and hard work, of these people.





“Changing my sleep cycle was the first step towards understanding their mind-set at that particular hour. Most of my subjects didn’t sleep more than three hours a day, and yet remained mentally healthy. Their efficiency and discipline is something that has always inspired me and then I thought, why not go out for rounds to shoot them, and promote their professions that most of us are unaware of,” he further added.




Nilay says that the reason he did not stop waking up every day, and go for the shoot is because,”I knew these guys were waking up before most of us, worked harder than most of us and were the family bread winners. So, this series is a tribute to all these unsung heroes.”

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