3 Minutes Video of Jana Gana Mana with 1 Word Lyric Shows Everything Wrong In India

There are many videos of people singing the national anthem out there. But this one is different. Why? Because it has just one word as lyrics.
This video was shared by Isobar India sums up everything that is wrong in India. So while you watch the video, sit back and have a look at everything that we need to work on, everything that is like a shocking truth that somewhere we all knew but chose to ignore.

And then #SayNa to endurance and letting be.

It will make a difference if you just try.

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  • Sahil Kumar

    I dont know instead of doing something for India why Badelga India every time shows bad things about India. These are common things happens in world everywhere. why disrespecting India only?

    • Browse whole site and posts in facebook page you will see…. may be only negative posts catches your eyes attention thats why you have not seen positive posts….

      • Sahil Kumar

        I also see other posts by this page. I appreciate your work and Yes, I replied only to negative post because I think it’s not appropriate to post. Look foreigners don’t know much about India. but that type of videos and posts make a negative impression of India.