24 Year Old Student Live Streams His Suicide Before Jumping From 19th Floor

A depressing incident has came up when a 24 year old student from Mumbai, Arjun Bhardwaj, ended his life by jumping off from the 19th floor in Taj Lands End, Bandra, on 3rd April, 2017.

Arjun Bhardwaj is a third year engineering student, basically from Bengaluru. He had checked into the hotel at 3 am and his body was discovered on the same day at 6:30 pm in a pool of blood.

Before jumping off, he gave a tutorial on committing suicide to his Facebook friends through live video. Mumbai Mirror quoted his saying, “Today’s tutorial is about how to suicide, like about if you want to jump off from Lands End .”

He titled the video as How To Suicide, that was eventually taken down, he was wearing a bathrobe while he was smoking and drinking. His tutorial included steps like leaving notes for loved one, he left nine notes, enjoying the view and to “enjoy some bacon pasta.”

Bhardwaj ended the video saying, “Ok, I don’t think I can record this while doing it. But f*** it, okay cool… See you guys on the other side.”

As per the police’s investigation, Bhardwaj used a chair to break the window and jump out. Though, the notice had alerted the staff, but it took around one hour for hotel staff and the police to reach 11th floor of the terrace, where his body was found.

He was taken to the Bhabha Hospital and was declared dead on arrival.

As per the senior inspector, Nivrutti Thakare, he has stated in his suicide note that he was badly depressed.


While doing the investigation, police was going through his browsing history and the police discovered his “fascination for death,” states the Mumbai Mirror report. Senior police officer said, “There were lots of sites that he visited that had to do with dying, and ‘celebrating death’. Evidently, he was prepared for such an act. The notes were addressed to several people, including his family members, but were mostly about how death was a celebration.”

During the time, Mumbai Police implored people to reach out to them, through this tweet:

An accidental death report has been filed in this case and an investigation is still going on.


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