20 Year Old Girl Burnt Alive For Protesting Against Cutting Of Trees

In Rajasthan, a 20 year old in Pipda city of Jodhpur district was burnt alive in her attempt to save the trees from being cut.

This incident took place on Sunday when Lalita, protested against the cutting of trees in her farm. The trees were being cut to proceed the construction of road.

She had a dispute with the villagers over the issue of cutting the trees. The tiff became so worse that the villagers allegedly poured petrol on her and set her on fire.

The girl was immediately taken to the hospital where she later succumbed to her injuries.

The village sarpanch Ranveer Singh was allegedly part of the incident, as per some reports.

The police officer Suresh Chaudhary was quoted by ANI,” The sarpanch and other people poured petrol on her and burnt her alive. The body is in the mortuary. We will arrest the accused soon, after a fair investigation.”

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