2 Robbers Asked For Water, Entered House, Beaten & Molested Woman & Looted Rs. 10 Lacs



We come across a number of rape cases but this case is little different. In this, two people made a lame excuse of thirst. They asked for water and as the lady was about to give it, they entered her home, locked the door, thrashed and molested her. But this does not end here. They also looted cash worth Rs. 10 lacs.

The news comes from Thane, Mumbai where a housewife was robbed and physically abused by two robbers. The incident took place on May 10, 2015; the time was around 6:00pm when two persons entered the house making the excuse of being thirsty and asked for drinking water. After entering the house, they locked it from inside, started beating the housewife, blocked her mouth with pieces of cotton, undressed her blouse and saree, exploited her and took away Rs.10 lacs from the house.

As said by D M Katake, Senior Inspector of MFC Police Station, the victim has also been warned of getting killed if she discloses the incident to anyone.

Police has got success in identifying one culprit who is known as Siddeshwar Kumar and lives near the victim’s house. Additionally, police is making all the efforts required to catch the culprits.

A case is filed against both of them under Section 354, Section 506(2) and Section 394.

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