19 Documentaries On Indian Women That Everyone Should Watch


The best way to understand the times and lives of an era is through documentaries. You might say the same about movies but a medium that does not mostly deal with fiction would be a better bet. It is great to see that India has kind of hit a sudden boom when it comes to documentaries. A lot of these deal with subjects ranging from plucky to tragic.

Here we compile 19 documentaries which might change your life:

1. Gulabi Gang

Revolves around the vigilante group and its leader who fight against oppression of women

This documentary is about the real Gulabi Gang, headed by the fiery Sampat Pal. Gulabi Gang fights against every form of oppression and violence that rural women face. The movement started at Bundelkhand and has spread across North India now. The documentary shows how they go about their business.

2. Love In India

Explores the duality in the perception of love in the country

Love In India explores the complex concept of love. On one hand we have the moniker of the Land of Kamasutra and on the other, love marriages are still seen as a violation of societal norms in some places, something that is best avoided. Filmmaker Q indulges in a personal narrative parallel  to the idea of love across the country.

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