17 Reasons Why There’s Nothing Like Old School Holi

Holi is a unique festival of colours. In holi you look your worst as colours on you will make you look most filthy person on earth. Unlike any other festival where you dressed up to look stunning here in holi you look your worse.

And you do not mind that at all. It’s good to look bad in holi. And instead of playing with crackers, you play with colors and actually engage in playful fights with your friends. Pouring water and throwing colour is much more fun.

And in that sense, Holi is a very outgoing festival where everyone gives up all their inhibitions about looking good, watching what they eat, the petty squabbles they had with their friends and neighbors, and go all out with colors and water balloons in their hands.

The old school way of celebrating Holi was the best, Have a look:


1. Waking up on the day of the holi all excited!


2. Going to the bathroom and checking your stash of water balloons you filled last night

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