13-Year-Old Girl Committed Suicide After Her Father Was Insulted For Not Giving The School Fees

In a shocking incident, a 13-year-old girl in Ghaziabad committed suicide after her school authorities badgered her father over school fees.

Jasmine, a class IXth student committed suicide because she couldn’t bear the action of school authorities.

Principal of the school including 4 teachers were arrested after they were accused of abetting the suicide of a 13-year-old, who ended her life because the school authorities were harassing her father since he failed to pay the fees of his four children (Jasmine being one of them).

Ratan Singh Tomar, father of Jasmine, had enrolled the kids in the same school, but due to the hike in the fees, he withdrew their names.

Apparently, 11 teachers barged into their house to demand the school fees. Since Ratan failed to do so, the teachers lost their cool. They hurled abuses at the father and his children and put false blames on him. Having done that, they called the police to arrest the father. Jasmine couldn’t bear all of that.

Jasmine ended up committing suicide. An FIR has been lodged against them and police are investigating the matter.

Ratan said, “Nearly half a dozen teachers had barged into our house demanding the tuition fees that was due. They created a ruckus in front of our house.They accused me of trying to pull them by their hands and threatening them. The whole neighborhood was there and they knew nothing of the sort happened. While police took me and two women teachers to the police station, the other teachers who stayed back for a while had hurled the filthiest abuses at Jasmine.

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