13 Year Haryana Boy Designs A Bike That Runs On Solar Energy

In Haryana a teenage boy has achieved something which scientists around the world are trying hard to achieve. The boy is successful to develop machine that run on renewable sources of energy. It is something which many of the learned scientists and engineers are proud of.

Meet Avneet Kumar of Haryana, has successfully achieved something that boy at such a age would find unnattainable.

13 year old Avneet belongs from Rewari, Haryana, he has evolved a bike that runs completely on solar energy.

The power produced by the panels attached at the back propels the bike forward.

As per the reports, Avneet also stated his desire to produce a sustainable car which runs on solar energy as well.

He said,”My dream is to make a solar powered car that would cost lesser than Tata’s Nano car.”

This bike is emission free and cost effective. If it gets executed on a large scale, this could be the step to curtail the increasing air pollution casued by fuel generated vehicles.


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