11 Years Old Girl From Chhatisgarh Chops Off Tongue Just To Offer In A Temple

In a shocking incidence, a 11-year-old girl cut off her tongue and offered it at a Shiva temple in Sangeetarai village near the capital of Chhattisgarh on Wednesday. This brutal act was done in the name of blind faith.

Raigarh Sub-Divisional Magistrate Prakash Sarve said, “11-year-old, Chameli Sidar, daughter of a farmer, Budheshwar Sidar, chopped off her tongue with a knife in front of a Shiva linga, following which she fell unconscious.”


The official said that even after she regain consciousness, she didn’t stopped and started offering prayers again.

“When police and the district officials reached the spot, villagers prevented them from taking the child to the hospital citing that she will recover without any medical aid with the blessings of God,” the SDM said.

Meanwhile, the sarpanch of the village, Gopal told police that the girl was now doing fine. But as a precautionary measure a doctor has been deputed for ensuring medical aid to her.


The SDM also said that Chameli was anxiously interested in performing religious rituals since childhood and has not been very interested in her studies. She had stopped going to school after taking her primary education. 

After news of the incident spread, assemblage gathered around the temple to catch a glimpse of the girl. But the reason behind her unusual sacrifice is still unknown. Locals have varied opinions over her sacrifice.

Incidentally, it’s not even the first time such an incident has been reported at the temple. 

In the past, three similar incidents had taken place at the temple where girls had sacrificed their tongues to Lord Shiva, the villagers said. They also claimed that in all the cases the girls recovered without any medical treatment.

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