109 People Jailed In Agra For Urinating In Public , Beware


People were also taken in for spitting paan in public and creating ruckus after consumption of alcohol. The drive was lead by Senior Superintendent of Police, GRP, Gopeshnath Khanna as a part of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s initiative of ‘Swachh Bharat.’

He said, “The message behind such a drive is to convey people, that enough is enough. For more than six decades, our adamant social behavior has not changed. This city hosts millions of tourist every year, we just can’t be negligent and irresponsible when comes to showing etiquettes in public fora.”

The drive started on Friday and 23 men were caught during the first round. This kick started the campaign that focused on not just cleaning of spaces but also personnel. As a part of it, GRP police arrested 12 men in past 24 hours involved in arms act, theft and robbery.

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The much needed initiative has the potential to change the situation in the country. Let’s just hope that these efforts are made regularly, and the fine induces at least some basic decency in the people who do not mind urinating in front of women and children.

Without a basic civil sense in the people, even good efforts made by the government will go futile.

News Source: Indiatimes.com

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